The Gardens Residence is strategically located in the Bebonuk area of Dili. It is 200m from the beach, less than 10 min from the city center, good restaurants and bars. It is located in an area which has an international community and it is very close to most of the embassies and ambassadors residences.

This area is famous for its relative higher level of security than other areas. The surround East-Timorese Community has been living in the area for many decades, which has allowed for a high level of community interaction.

The Gardens Residence, accommodation in East-Timor at GoogleMap
Social Responsibility:  The Gardens Residence cares about the sustainable development of East Timor.

For such, we:
Work with the community, ensuring that all jobs are taken by neighbors living in the area.
Support building and strengthening of small business in the community, giving community members the opportunity to start their own business.
Liaise with youth groups to support their integration in the community.

The Gardens, residential complex offering short and long term rental, Tel: +670 745 8474 Email: